About Us



CX3 - Core Cardiovascular Consulting Ltd. is a Vancouver, B.C., Canada based company specializing in providing guidance for the development of cardiovascular medical devices. 

Randy Lane - Founder & President


Randy Lane has over 20 years experience  in the cardiovascular medical device field with the majority of his time spent developing both surgical and transcatheter heart valves, most recently serving as V.P. of R&D and Intellectual Property. Randy currently represents Canada as an expert member of ISO-5840 and sits on the standards committee. Randy currently holds numerous granted and pending patents in the cardiovascular field, most notably being the primary inventor of the Tiara TMVR technology.



Over the last 20 years, we have compiled a vast network of global resources, that can be relied upon to assist in the development of cardiovascular medical devices. CX3 relies on these resources to help their clientele develop their ideas in to reality. CX3's collaboration partners have expertise in the following areas; Device Design, Prototype Development & Assembly, Materials Testing, Device Testing, Finite Element Analysis, Preclinical Testing, V&V Testing, Anatomical Analysis, Predictive Procedural Planning and Imaging Guidance.